Erosion Series


This body of work has developed over the years from ideas which I tried to envisage. Some of the pieces had their own narrative based on what was occurring in the world or just thoughts about my surroundings. As we view the world in all its beauty, we also view it decaying before our eyes, albeit very slowly in some cases. We need to enjoy the “now”, the moment we live in. Of course we must look to the future but we must make the most of the time we have on this journey of life. These eroding pieces symbolise life and our surroundings, our time on this earth. One of  Mother natures most wonderful gifts “life”(wood), slowly degrading as the years pass. Our joints and bodies are harder to motivate as they grow older with “age” (rust). But we can still enjoy the   beauty of life and our surroundings every minute of our lives.  These pieces are made from perfectly sound pieces of wood. The aim is to make them fragile, delicate and eroded to the point of almost extinction. The hope is that these pieces will be viewed upon with a reflection on life. A view that if we had of only taken more care of ourselves and our surroundings could we leave a far better legacy for future generations to come.

Time in Decay

Title: Time in Decay

Materials Used: Yew

Description: Yew bowl with metal cogs and gears added, pierced and pyrography for texture. Iron and rust paint finish

Approximate Sizes: 110mm high x 130mm diameter 

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pat erosion

Title: Beauty in Decay

Materials Used: Sycamore

Description: Sycamore Hollow Form.

Pierced and pyrography texture with iron and rust painbt finish 

Approximate Sizes: 150mm 

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spialed erosion

Title: Spiraled Erosion 

Materials Used: Sycamore

Description; Sycamore sphere. Pierced, and Pyrography texture.

Iron paint with rust accelerator.

Approximate Sizes: 150mm

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Tree of life

Title: Tree of life

Materials Used: Beech

Description: Beech Hollow form, Pierced and pyrography texture, Iron and rust paint finish 

Approximate Sizes: 150mm 

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Essence of time

Title: Erosion of Time

Materials Used: Sycamore 

Description: Sycamore hollow form, Pierced and pyrography texture. Metal cogs with a rust finish 

Approximate Sizes: 175mm high x 165 mm diameter

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untitled 6 copy

untitled 7 copy

Title: Erosion Series Vase 

Materials Used: Sycamore 

Description: Vased turned to 3mm,

pierced and textured using pyrography.

Iron paint with rust activator for the finish

Approximate Sizes: 175mm high 

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