About Pat Carroll

Working as a builder/carpenter, woodturning was a craft I knew very little about before 2001. I had done some research and found a woodturner in my nearest town. Lucky for me, this woodturner was one of the finest turners in Ireland. Willie Stedmond, one of the founding members of the Irish Woodturners Guild, was giving night classes to which I attended a few. It is always my first advice to anyone interested in woodturning, get some lessons and join a club. I also did the latter and met some great people who helped and encouraged me along the way.

My turning has progressed and moved through different areas of this wonderful craft as the years went on. I had many years and long periods of no woodturning time whatsoever due to work and other commitments, but the draw was always there. The need to make shavings! I am very proud of the recognition I have received from my peers and other artists over the years for my work, demonstrating and winning pieces. I am also very honoured to have my work in collections across the world. When Mark Baker, GMC Woodturning magazine approached me to write for him, I was completely taken aback. I straight away said no to Mark, but Mark persevered and said he would help me. So, with huge thanks to Mark I have many articles gone to print.

As of late, with the dawning of virtual woodturning, I also have entered into the world of delivering IRDs, (Interactive Remote Demonstrations), in high definition. Working as a team, myself, my daughter Chloe and Helen Bailey, are able to offer an excellent well prepared service to clubs and individuals. We also run a meeting called “Meet the Woodturner”, where we interview artists from all over the world and get a fascinating insight into their woodturning lives and careers. Our audience is from all over the world and attendees get to ask the guests questions through a chat box on the virtual platform we use. These fantastic meetings have made the world a small place for the woodturning family to come together for evenings of great entertainment.


                                                       Kristin Black and White