Meet the Woodturner

Q: What is Meet the Woodturner?

A: Meet the Woodturner is a meeting which guest woodturners from all over the world join us to share their stories and journeys throught their woodturning careers. The meeting is hosted by Pat Carroll with assistance from:

  • Chloe Carroll (The Boss), looks after all administration and keeps everybody informed and will try to help with any issues that crop up.
  • Helen Bailey, (Lady H.), is our technical advisor, constantly filling the chat box with information discussed within the meeting or in response to an email query.

Currently we are using Zoom as the broadcasting platform, these meetings are very well prepared and delivered to a live audience in a format which is fully interactive. While Pat interviews the guest Chloe and Helen are hard at work in the background resolving issues and answering questions. 

Q: Meet the Woodturner rules!

We like to think that these meetings are all inclusive, safe and free of all derogatory comments so above all we ask that you remain polite and considerate to other attendees, we will not tolerate abusive language or behaviour to any of our team or other attendees. In as much as we try to police this, we are truly grateful to everyone that attends the meetings to respect the rules to make these meetings so enjoyable: 

  • No.1  No politics
  • No.2 No Religion
  • No.3 No Committee business 
  • No.4 No Financial discussions

(If you break the rules you will be removed from the meeting and the mailing list)


Q: Can I promote my upcoming event?

A: Yes of course you can. We are happy for atttendees to promote their online or face-to-face events however we do have some rules to prevent things becoming overwhelming for other attendees:

  • We ask that you contact us first please to discuss the event.
  • We ask that you be prepared to give away at least one ticket for the event to the attendees at the meeting you would like to promote to. We will organise the give away as part of the meeting and will forward the lucky winners information to you (with their consent).

(If you don't want to follow these rules then we do reserve the right to remove you from meetings and our mailing list)


Q: How is Meet the Woodturner funded?

A: Put quite simply, by YOU!

Meet the Woodturner is free to attend, it takes a significant amount of time and effort to organise and run these meetings plus of course we need to pay for things such as  the online services we use, equipment, power, light and a whole range of other things. So in order to meet these costs and continue to provide you with a service you enjoy for FREE we need you to think about either a donation (see the box at the side of the screen) or why not help out by signing up for access to the archive of interview recordings so you can watch our past interviews whenever you like? It's very reasonably priced and easy to do, SIGN UP HERE.

Q: How do I unsubscribe from Meet the Woodturner?

A: We would be sorry to see you leave these "Free" meetings, but if you wish to unsubscribe click the "Unsubscribe" tab at the bottom of the email and that's all, no catches, no strings and no worries.


Q: I need help with my computer/iPad/iPhone/Tablet/ Other Device?

A: As a free service for people interested in Woodturning and run by volunteers we are not able to provide support with your IT. If you need support or help with your computer or other device then we would ask that you contact your supplier, the software vendor or a local specialist who will be only to happy to help you for the appropriate fee. We will not answer any questions on IT by email so please don't bother to send them as they will simply be deleted, the MtW sessions are not for IT support and we will not allow the session to be hijacked to deal with one person's IT support problems.

Q: I have an issue with what a specific woodturner said?

We ask the guests to adhere to our four rules, (see above). We do our utmost to ensure all information is correct and accurate and to police the sessions to ensure that the rules are followed. We can not be held responsible for the personal personal opinions of our guests or other attendees,  people are entitled to their opinion and you are entitled to disagree - in a polite manner.