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Meet the Woodturner

In 2020 we saw the world literally grind to a halt with Covid 19, from a woodturners perspective the doors closed to all meetings, demonstrations, symposiums and seminars.

These Woodturning gatherings have so many benefits for attendees, the inspiration and knowledge shared by demonstrators (professional and non-professional) is probably the number one attraction for many of us but there is so much more involved. We get the opportunity to meet up with friends we may not see from one gathering to another, make new friends with face-to-face contact and share our passion for Woodturning with others, it is this social interaction, "catching up with friends" and making new friends that this pandemic had taken away from us.

So these meetings started in March 2020, as a response to the pandemic, a refusal to allow this thing to rob us of the thing we treasure and to ensure that we could continue to share our passion, catch up with old friends and make new ones.

Since beginning in March 2020 our meetings have been free for any woodturner to come along to, the format has changed slightly and will continue to evolve. We have received accolades from around the world and we feel flattered that so many have used our format as a template to develop their own meetings. We have also freed ourselves and others from many of the physical constraints that had been placed upon us, restrictions imposed by distance, cost, health and time are now something we can overcome with just a little bit of last we can just quickly have a chat with that old friend on the other side of the world.

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