Kirsty DaltonHello, my name is Kirsty Dalton I am the owner and creator of Primitive Woodland Line. I am a designer that focuses on making things in wood! I love wood-turning and craving and I spend an insane amount of my time burning tiny details into each piece with a process called pyrography.

I get very easily excited about things, love a challenge and a cuppa coffee in my hand at all times. I originally come from a background in fine art which I studied at DOJ and graduated in 2015. I slowly transitioned over to design when I found my love for working in wood.

I was born and raised in Perth Scotland and I am currently living in Edinburgh. I sell my work in a variety of shops and galleries all over Scotland and you can also shop online at my Etsy shop.

I am always open to new projects and can take on commissions at any time. If you have any furtherquestions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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