Rick CannonRick Cannon is an accomplished woodturner who

has lived in Memphis since 1968. He works with local
or imported woods and sometimes bone or antler.
After time with notable woodturners such as Michael
Mode, Malcolm Tibbetts, Ray Key, David Marks and
others, most of his works involve time at the lathe, but
he also uses any of the tools associated with a
carpenter’s shop.
He has been a maker, learner and teacher of fine
craft and art for the last 20 years.
Rick has won merit awards at the Pink Palace Arts in
the Park and participated in the Best of Tennessee
Craft Exhibition twice. His work is in a permanent
collection of the Tennessee State Museum, and he
has demonstrated with the River Arts Association for
five years to promote the craft of woodturning.
Rick is a member of Tennessee Craft—Southwest, the
Memphis Arts Collective, the Mid-South Woodturners
Guild and the American Association of Woodturners.