Marcel van BerkelI have been a radio-officer on board Holland America Line Cruises for 10 years. Together with my wife Joan Smit we sailed the seas and discoverd the world. In 1980 we settled on the island Terschelling 20 miles north of The Netherlands. From 1980 till 2001 I worked for the Dutch MOD on Terschelling. 
I started woodworking making toys and mobiles. Being a regular visitor to England and reading English woodworking magazines I became interested in woodturning. I Started doing courses in England. Since 1997 I am a full time woodturner. 
I mostly work with burr-wood if I can get it.  I like to make vases and bowls with natural edge. Later I started making very thin vases the way Frank Sudol did. Currently I make a lot of sculptured open forms. Forms that are turned, carved, burned, wire brushed, sand blasted and coloured/air-brushed. I love to demonstrate at home and abroad. 
My workshop and gallery are open all year. Visitors can watch me turning.