Malcolm TibbettsSegmented woodturning is an art form with very few limitations. By combining components, I can create just about any shape or size and by arranging different wood species, I can create just about any type of surface design. There are few art forms with this much freedom. This lack of restriction keeps my mind engaged contemplating the endless possibilities.

Am I an artist or a craftsman? Does it really matter? I call myself an artisian. Deep down, I’m just a guy who enjoys “making” interesting things with wood.

To quote one of my tee shirts, “I make stuff, because, I’d be sad if I didn’t.” My motivations to “make things” are many: I enjoy the challenges and the satisfactions of successful completion, the more complex, the more satisfaction. I love solving the “puzzle of construction.”

My favorite type of project is when I can tell a story or perhaps even convince a viewer to think a little differently about a social issue. To quote another tee shirt, “May the forest be with you.”


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