Keith Lackner Interview:

Discover how resin can transform your next woodturned project into a work of art…

Keith LacknerYou’ve probably seen the dazzling work of woodturners who’ve combined resin with wood to create gorgeous, one-of-a-kind projects ranging from pens and bowls to platters, boxes and more.  The end result is so amazing that you’d think the process would be too complicated and too expensive. It’s not. In fact, once you learn the basic techniques of preparing and working with resin,  you’ll discover that it turns like butter and stunning results will have you thinking about your next project before the lathe has cooled down. 

From Keith Lackner, one of the leading resin woodturners today, Woodturning with Resin is a go-to guide for anyone who enjoys woodturning or is interested in getting started. With expert instruction and stunning photos, Woodturning with Resin takes you through the golden rules of preparing and curing resin for the lathe.  Also covered are the fundamentals of how turning with resin is different than turning wood, the best tools, grinds, and speeds to use, and how to achieve a finish that makes the resin sparkle. With all this premium information under your belt, you’ll be able to tackle the wide range of projects that are detailed step-by-step. Woodturning with Resin also includes a gallery of projects to spark your imagination and a helpful Troubleshooting Guide for when things don’t seem to turn out right. 

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