Artist Statement

John BeaverAfter spending over 25 years in Hollywood filming television commercials, John began experimenting with a lathe he had inherited. Having always lived near the ocean, he was inspired to bring the motion and rhythm of the waves to a round object. The exploration of that concept led to the “wavy” design which is still the signature element of his work today.

Whether in Bronze or Wood, the techniques he has invented to accomplish his designs have led to a variety of processes that are reflected in all of his work. The genesis of John’s work is his ability to deconstruct a turned vessel, add, remove or modify the elements, and reassemble the piece while maintaining grain and wall alignment. John’s designs are recognizable by his use of contrast, rhythm, motion and depth.

Along the way his beautiful work has been acquired by major museums and collectors, honored with many awards and has been shown in publications worldwide. John has also taught woodturning at schools, clubs and symposia around the world.

John lives in Pacific Palisades, CA with his wife Candy. They have two lovely grown daughters. When he’s not in the studio he enjoys Golf, Paddle Tennis, Pickle Ball, Skiing, Cycling, Kayaking, Hiking and Bocce.