MTW Archive: Benoit Averly

MtW: Benoit Averly

Benoit Averly Interview:

Woodturner, Sculptor and generally nice chap Benoît Averly shares his journey with us in a very inspirational interview. You can find out more about Benoit from his website:

"Benoît Averly lives and works in Burgundy, France. There, he creates, in a refined spirit, art pieces in wood; with subtle contrasts, playing with light, lines and textures. Inspired by nature and architecture, he feeds his creations through his photographic journey through numerous trips, in search of a rhythm, and quiet balance.

Wood, a media he discovered in his childhood, is worked in simple shapes, rarely smooth, most often hewn with different effects of matter, texture, or repetitive patterns. On some pieces the wood loses its obvious aspect, taking on instead, the properties of other elements.

The work is instinctive, and often takes place all at once, after a long reflection akin to the calligraphy style. His most coveted creations, prized by interior designers, architects and collectors world wide, most reflect a peaceful grace, and are centerpieces in numerous luxury interiors. (Residences, hotels, cruise ships,airports )"


Duration: 1 month
Price: €5.00