MtW Richard Raffan Interview No.1

MtW: Richard Raffan

Richard Raffan Interview: No.1

Most Woodturners will be familiar with the name Richard Raffan. Richard is world renowned as a turner, artist and teacher, here is what his entry on Wikipedia has to say about him:

"Richard Raffan (born 1943) is a well-known woodturner, author, and instructor who has helped popularize the craft of woodturning since the 1970s. He was a part of the "art turning" movement that saw turned objects move into galleries where they are presented as works of art. Although he has created large and valuable works of exotic woods, in his books he has also championed simple utilitarian works created for daily use. He finishes much of this work simply, using vegetable oil and beeswax, and has written admiringly of the patina of well used wooden items. "An indescribable surface that begs for a caress of the hand--that's what I think wood should provide."



Duration: 1 month
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