MtW: Paul Howard

Paul Howard Interview:

Paul Howard, AKA, the jig man. Paul gives a great interview where he discusses both his engineering and woodturning careers. You can find out more about Paul from his own website:

"My working life has mainly been spent in electrical and mechanical engineering working on small to large machinery of all types including metal and woodworking machines also robotics and automated systems. I have worked on ships in the Bahamas and UK also I spent some time in the water industry.
I worked in America for several years setting up and helping to run a manufacturing plant to make connecting rods for Diesel Engines for a range vehicles.
Having a mechanical engineering background has encouraged me to explore the many facets of woodturning.
Work and family commitments in the past have limited the amount of time available for wood turning projects. Now I am semi-retired and living back in the U.K. I have had the luxury of being able to spend more time woodturning and teaching small groups of people (including attending Scout events where the scouts and scouters tried woodturning for the first time) I have also been able to spend time developing products and ideas that can be of help to other wood turners.
Now I am in the fortunate position of having many woodturning friends in the UK and from around the world.
I am a member of the AWGB (Association of Woodturners of Great Britain), the SECB (Suffolk, Essex and Cambridge Borders) Colchester Woodturning Club. I am now the Chairman for the Sandon Woodturners, we meet every Saturday. The Sandon Club have demonstrators from all over the country, have a look at our website We have a shop selling wood and turning consumables.I am also a member of the AAW (Association of American Woodturners) and managed to get to the 25th anniversary symposium in St Paul MinnesotaI now spend much of my time teaching, demonstrating and continuing to develop ideas of how to further my own skills of woodturning in general."


Duration: 1 month
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