Meet the Woodturner is a free meeting where we interview woodturners from all over the world. The turners share their journeys and careers in these interviews.

You can interact with the guests by putting that question you have always wanted to ask, into the chat box and Chloe relays the questions at different intervals to the guest. We keep everyone muted and this makes the meetings run with a nice continuous flow, so everyone gets their chance to have their questions answered and still hear some fascinating stories. We encourage people along with the guest to put their information into the chat box. Whether it be their website, books or tools, we welcome all the information that we can share. We simply as that there is no mention of monetary areas, links only! Any technical information mentioned during the meeting is also entered into the chat box by Lady H., Helen Bailey. So, at this point we are very flattered so many have tried to emulate our winning formula, but you need a winning team. I am very proud of the help I get from the two ladies that make our meetings such a huge success. Attendee’s can sit back and relax and enjoy these meetings without having to take notes. Because the ladies ensure all information in the chat box is correct and edited as needed for to be emailed to everyone on our ever growing mailing list. These meeting are broadcast from Ireland where GMT time zones apply. Please check your time zone with the advertised time so you dont miss meeting these amazing people. If you want to subscribe to these free meetings, simply contact us.