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12th February 2021

Hello everyone from a very chilly Ireland. We hope this newsletter finds you well. This is just a little update about what’s going on in our woodturning world.

We were in Texas for a Square Box demonstration in the early AM this morning! We’re available for club and private group demonstrations, use the contact us form on the website to enquire about topics and availability.

We have launched our new website and it’s working really well. We’ve had some great feedback and input from people who have visited, (see the link below). Chloe and Carl, our web designer have been very busy adding information and items to our shop. I have finally been allowed to login as long as I behave and don’t press too many buttons. I have discovered that Carl gets an alert email every time I login. I wonder why he set that up.

We have taken all the advice on board about the fonts and colours and we are now happy with the almost final result! With Jimmy Clewes tools getting more and more popular we are expanding the range of tools which Jimmy is involved in the making of and supplying. Basically, if you don’t see it and want it, hit the contact us button and drop us a line. We will do our best to accommodate your requirements! And of course, our range of mugs are on the site for the people who want a souvenir of our Meet the Woodturner meetings and IRDs, (Interactive Remote Demonstrations), or a Barney mug to just take the proverbial out of me. It’s all in good fun.

We also have a links page to some great friends business and woodturners. We will be adding more as we progress with the site.

Meet the Woodturner is going from strength to strength with ever increasing numbers. Our mailing list is currently exceeding 800 subscribers, so it seems like people are enjoying our approach to these meetings. Show and tell has been great fun and we have seen some fantastic pieces of work from all over the world. Remember, if you want to show a piece, simply type ‘ME’ into the chat box and Chloe will spotlight you to tell us about your work. To increase your chances of being seen by Chloe, have your pets visible. Not snakes please!

Our next guest is a legend in the woodturning world, Mr Richard Raffan will be joining us to answer your questions. Yes, we want you to set the questions this time and we will relay them to Richard. Almost anything goes on this one. So email us at the address below and put “Richard” in the subject box so we can sort the questions easily. As always we want to thank the people that donate to keep these FREE meetings alive. Also, I do like to see a little appreciation for Chloe and Lady H. who work very hard behind the scenes to make this run smoothly and keep everyone informed in the meeting along with the follow up correspondence that is emailed out.

Our IRDs are been really well attended and with so many regulars that it’s like a family gathering. We do appreciate everyone’s involvement and support in these meetings.

As always, with the current climate having such an adverse effect on businesses, we encourage you to support your fellow woodturners who are feeling the brunt of covid’s impact on their lively hoods.

Be safe everyone and remember, it costs zero to be nice.


Pat and the Ladies

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