Spexor models from 20mm-30-mm

Threaded lid Acorn boxes



Spexor, the latest in technology for measuring the wall thickness of your woodturning. This equipment allows you to measure up to 20mm wall thickness. Get down deep into your hollow forms, and help ensure an even wall thickness. Creating thin wall pieces for piercing? When you pierce the wood does the cutout look equal throughout? Monitor wall thickness far more accurately and easier with Spexor.


The new V10.36 has a splendid PA11 nylon cover printed with professional multijet machines, therefore the beauty of the cover and the resistance have improved. The gritty surface increases the grip of the tool.

SpeXor is an innovative and powerful tool to measure the thickness of wood in wood turning or in lutherie.

Of the  powerful neodymium magnets and a sensor, an ad hoc sized electronics and a unique algorithm are the heart of the SpeXor which is able to make precise and repeatable measurements especially in the 0-5 mm range, for this reason it is ideal for piercing

Other 6 powerful neodymium magnets placed on the back guarantee an excellent grip on your lathe in any position.


A bright and large display, a W indicates it will calibrate in 5 seconds

One key to zero at any point and carry out a differential measurement

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-clean the surfaces to be measured

-clean the feeler gauge, in particular the sphere and the measuring tip

- bring the sphere closer to the tip so that it touches the flat part with the sensor (zero value)

- hold the tip with the ball in a vertical position

- switch on the thickness gauge by connecting the power cable

-Wait for the end of the initial calibration

- Carry out some measurements with no load  you will notice a flashing W indicating Wait and after a few flashes an @ will appear indicating that it is  calibrated.

-For a more accurate measurement, work at room temperature, carry out some measurements with no load on a thickness of ~ 10 mm and wait at least 5 minutes.


-Place the sphere on the surface  to be measured, while on the opposite surface in correspondence with the sphere, place the tip

-by magnetism the sphere is attracted to the tip without the need for forcing

- read the measured quota

- extract the sphere from the piece under examination

-Turn off the SpeXor by unplugging the power cord.

-After taking the measurement and without moving the tip, it is possible to reset (0.00) the measured value by pressing the button and the subsequent measurement will detect the difference between the first and second measurement (positive or negative with sign -  before the value).

     ATTENTION! the magnetic attraction force between the tip and the sphere may not be sufficient to prevent the latter from falling, PAY ATTENTION!


Unit of measure                 millimeters / inches (on request)

-------------------------------------------------- -

Measurement system         Hall effect sensor

-------------------------------------------------- ---

Display                                  Liquid crystal digital LCD

-------------------------------------------------- ---

Alimentazione                      5V USB cable

-------------------------------------------------- ---

Usage temperature               + 5 ° ~ + 40 °


1 Magnetic sphere Ø10mm

2 Tip with hall effect sensor

3 Handle

4 Neoprene cable

5 LCD display

6 ZERO reset button

7 USB port


The Spexor is very precise in the range from 0 to 5 mm where it is possible to stay in the tenth of a mm with appropriate precautions,  to use it as a measurement tool make sure to let it self-calibrate before each measurement, see on the MORE page the video showing an @ appearing when recalibrating. The temperature should be room if possible.

In any case, the complicated self-calibration algorithm will allow you to detect your Hollow form with extreme repeatability, not for nothing that the turners who do piercing and carving consider it an indispensable tool.