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Media Room Launch


6th May 2021

Hello everyone,

I hope this newsletter finds you all well. This message will be in two halves. Part one, is prior to our first demonstration in the new media room. As I write this newsletter, I feel a little trepidation about tomorrow nights first IRD in the newly built media room. Cables, sockets, lights, fittings and fixtures are all in place. It is a new start but with a little more know how now than our first venture into the virtual world of woodturning. Every presentation we do, we analyse and try to improve upon it making the next even better. So, starting from scratch the plans that were drawn up, siting everything in what is hopefully the best and correct place are implemented. As with all best made plans, tweaks and changes were made. The dedicated room is smaller than my main workshop, so now the sound is different. How do I fix this? Technology now plays its part in suppression, gain and other things I am still not sure about. Lighting, where do I put the lights, what strength panels and do I need diffusers. Picture quality then has to be right. Camera positioning to give every person the best view possible. Then the woodturning of course, that needs rehearsing and possibly several stages in place for to show the piece in its best possible way. You may be starting to understand my trepidation. I do take comfort in the fact that I have some great friends who have helped me greatly on this journey. Probably the biggest bonus is the fact I get to work with my daughter Chloe, aka the Boss! Another bonus is the number of great friends we have made and our woodturning family keeps growing at every meeting. So, we don’t just look at these meetings as a demonstration, we look forward to having some friends in and chatting about our mutual interest, woodturning! The website is developing and more products added gradually. We are launching a relatively new piece of technology to the woodturning world as well. Technology that measures wall thickness of a piece up to twenty millimetres without the use of callipers. Check out our website for details on Spexor.


          Part two, well it's done and we survived. All in all the feedback was brilliant and the family loved the new media room. They even enjoyed the demonstration. Interesting discussions arose about the technology we introduced and of course the technology that was in place to deliver the presentation worked very well. But, as always we will strive to continuously improve and give the best that we can. So everyone please stay safe, check in on friends and family. Even say hi to the grumpy neighbour. We will see you soon.


Pat and the Ladies 

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